Unmanned Aircraft Technologies

​Techsburg has over 15 years of experience supporting technology development and providing aerospace design and test services for major UAS programs for industry. Through these programs Techsburg has worked and developed design and testing expertise for VTOL aircraft; low speed propulsion (open rotor and ducted fan systems); low-noise propulsors, high performance conformal muffler systems for engine quieting; advanced control effector concepts with design and testing; and VTOL aircraft air data system technology development.

Techsburg maintains several propulsion test rigs well suited for small to medium sized UAV programs, with over 25 kW-hours of battery capacity available to support testing. Motors from 100 Watts to 15 kW are available for use in static, wind-off testing, or with flow at the Virginia Tech wind tunnel (aero or anechoic tunnel configuration). A variety of balances and load cells are available for test support at Techsburg, including a highly-accurate sting-mounted 6-component balance for small and medium-size aircraft configurations.

In addition to these current focus areas, Techsburg believes that future autonomous aircraft flight control systems must be much more robust and environmentally aware. Techsburg is investigating technologies and sensor systems to accomplish this goal and enable the next generation of highly-reliable, agile, and quiet UAS systems.